–May 7, 2009

Hi There!

Wow! What a weekend!  It was wonderful, but I must admit, exhausting!  We sure did an amazing job clearing out our back lot to prepare for our garden!   I couldn’t believe how sore I was Saturday night and then there was even more to do on Sunday!  A big highlight for me was watching Shane drag a gigantic armful of dried grass and weeds the size of his body over to a large pile of cuttings.  That along with Roxi’s patented technique of weeding which involved sitting on the shovel until the weed decided to just give up!   And I could not believe how quickly Enrique was able to clear large amounts of land and make seem effortless!  I also loved Shawna’s dedication to hard work!  I’m always grateful to Jeff and his laughter – he conquered those taunting weeds and showed them who was boss!  Of course, none of it could have happened without Frenacee’s vision! She is amazing!  Thank you to all who volunteered last weekend, to all who will volunteer in the future, to Donna and Marta who’s energy and follow through helped to make this happen, and of course to our dear Frenacee who really pulled it all together!  It was so wonderful that we were able to participate in Big Sunday along with 50000 others across Southern California!  What an incredible experience!  I am so proud of our little church.

I also want to commend and thank Carrie Lester, Libby Cowan and Myrna Pappas for their wonderful words of wisdom shared about giving last Sunday.  I was so inspired by them which continues to strengthen my inspiration for Fairview Community Church.  Many thanks all of you who have pledged of your time, talents, and treasure to Fairview Community Church.   If you were not here this past Sunday please do send in your pledge cards to our Financial Secretary at the church 2525 Fairview Road Costa Mesa 92626.    As you know, we depend solely upon the income we generate ourselves –and so it is up to each of us to give towards the mission of our church.  Unfortunately, it takes money to pay our bills, to put on our programming, and to minister to our community – so please consider this as you consider your pledge this year.

Today we celebrate the National Day of Prayer.  A couple of us from Fairview Community Church gathered together with our larger interfaith community to pray together.  We prayed for families everywhere, for local governments, for or states, our nation and our world.  I was asked to pray for state governments.  Obviously, I prayed for our golden state, but as I did so, I could not help but think of the state of Maine – where equality of marriage is now recognized for all couples.  I cannot help but tap into this hum I feel across the land, something is happening.  And though we struggle with the challenge- we also know that change is a coming!  And just as we feel the vibrations of the train before it rolls into town, so too do we feel the preceding hum of change for equality cannot be stopped, its rolling across the nation.  I feel it.  It doesn’t matter what challenges we face today, we cannot stop that train from rolling…  Let us pray that we will see equality here in our state again.   I have shared my morning’s prayer with you below.

I am looking forward to the Women’s Tea for All Seasons on Saturday.  I can’t wait to see the different table decorations!  Its going to be so much fun to see how creative our ladies can get!

You will definitely not want to miss church this week as Myrna Pappas is directing the Spring Pageant starring Children of All Ages!   Please be sure to join us for church outside this week! Yes –you heard that correctly –we’ll be out on the patio for a special service to enjoy the sunshine and consider whose Garden is it?  As we enjoy and experience worship with our children!

The Wide, Wide World of Theology!

A Prayer for our State this National Day of Prayer

Rev. Sarah Halverson

Holy God who guides our minds and stirs our hearts, we pray this morning for our golden state and state governments throughout our nation.

We ask that citizens of our state make choices that help to support and

guide our leaders so that they might serve our great state through these challenging times.

We pray for Governor Schwarzenieger, for our state senators and assembly members.

We hope that they might have strength and courage to make tough decisions, to care for those struggling in poverty and those on the verge of poverty, to protect our children and their education and to care for the citizens and those of non-citizenship status who live in this land.

We send prayers for our California Supreme Court Justices as they discern contentious cases in the state of California.

May your Spirit guide our leaders with strength hope, integrity, dignity and compassion towards all who live here as they seek to serve the people.

May peace and justice prevail.

And may equality be bestowed on all who live in our state that we might find prosperity and hope for the future.

We pray in the name of the one who taught us to live in peace, and calls us to love.



Please take a moment to read through the prayers of our community,

the prayers that matter to us, and lift them up in your hearts this moment.

If you have an a prayer request you would like to add to our list, please email or call the office 714 545-4610.


We are grateful for the well-being and many blessings among our church family. Yet keep in your prayers and heart  . . .

Kyle Cathey, still experiencing excruciating health difficulties. Prayers for his improvement.

Joanne Trujillo’s father-in-law and Enrique Cancelada’s father Jose Cancelada, living in Mexico, continues to have problems with his vision and walking.

One of Joanne Trujillo’s family members was killed in an auto accident, leaving behind four children and a wife.  Prayers for their family.

Flo Martin ' s long-time friend, Susi Tiffany, had a stroke on April 3rd and when the hospital performed her CT scan, they found she also has a large brain tumor. The tumor is untreatable because of its size and location in the frontal part of her brain.  Please pray for Susi and her family.

Carol Morrison’s sister, Lynn, who has undergone chemotherapy for cancer for the past year and shown no improvement.  She’s now being treated with an experimental drug for an undetermined cancer.

Gina Notrica and her family as they mourn the loss of her father who died on May 5th.  They are grateful that all were with him to say goodbye. You can read his obituary and visual remembrance here: http://www.cksammons.com/sitemaker/sites/Crouse1/obit.cgi?user=george-neibarger

Wayne Rash’s stepsister-in-law Barbara Gentry, who is in an intensive care facility

Jane Philipp, who continues to struggle with back problems and other health issues. She appreciates all the prayers  and cards she has received from everyone.

Roxanne Smith’s mother Ann Boddie will soon have an MRI to confirm that she ' s once again, cancer free.

Joan Sullivan, who is coming home on Saturday after her April 15th surgery and stay at Crystal Cove rehabilitation center.  Prayers that she will continue to heal.

Carol Thicksten’s nephew who was in a bad car accident.  Prayers for him, their family, and all who were involved.

Fritz Tramz’s wife, Carolann, is at Flagship Care Facility and on hospice. Continue to pray for her and strength for Fritz.

Denise Valoff’s co-worker’s sister, Eileen needs a triple by-pass surgery. Please pray for her as they proceed with tests to see if her heart and body can withstand one.

The people of Gaza and the people of Israel, as we pray for a more comprehensive and lasting cease-fire and true peace while mourning the loss of life of more than 1,300 Gaza residents (400 of them children) and 13 Israelis.

Those seeking new employment, in this time of severe job losses and economic hardship.

Our state and nation, during this time of transition.  May we experience peace and justice for all.

Our Troops, as they perform their duties, wherever they are in the world.

All who feel the burdens of life that the burden might be lifted and God’s grace felt and accepted


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